Proudly serving Premium Sake for over 80 years

We celebrate 80 years of Sake wholesale business all thanks to the dedication of our employees and amazing customers! We now have over 3,000 direct customers in Tokyo area and 70,000 customer within our distribution network all over Japan.

Family Owned since 1935

Shibata-Ya history starts from when Goro Shiba began his Sake wholesale business as a private company in 1935. His son Shinichiro Shiba took over the company in 1969 and established "Shibata-Ya Co., Ltd." In 2005, Shinichiro's son Yasuhiro Shiba became the President of the company as the third generation with his two brothers Takehiro Shiba and Tomohiro Shiba aside. 

There have been many challenges for Shibata-Ya always to be successful as a Sake wholesaler over the years, but Shibata-Ya has gained growth by challenging the limits, being innovative and creating its own distribution system worldwide.

Shibata-Ya is now not only a Sake wholesaler but a wine/beer/liquor importer/exporter/wholesaler/distributor, a restaurant owner, a restaurant consultant, Sake educator, wine educator, and event organizer. 

Corporate Headquarters

Shibata-Ya Co., Ltd.
Shiba Building, 5-3-11 Chuo, Nakano, Tokyo 164-0011 JAPAN

TEL: 03-3382-3666
FAX: 03-6382-4317
*Opening Hours: Weekdays 10am -5pm