International Leadership

Japan Headquarters

Yasuhiro took over as the third CEO of his family owned business Shibataya Co., Ltd, a liquor wholesaler/distributor in 2005.  He is spreading his love of how great the Japanese restaurant culture is and how delicious Saké is under the principle of contributing to customers' prosperity and development of restaurant business and of becoming Japan's number one wholesaler. To achieve that goal, he is expanding his business not only in Japan but also in New York, Bangkok and Milano.  He won the " Food Service Award " in 2005 as the chairman of the HANJYOTEN NONPROFIT CORPORATION. The organization holds a event called "  S1 server grand prix  " where they choose the number one server in Japanese food service industry. And he also established " TAI YO NO KAI ", the group of owners from food service industry and has been studying with its 50 members monthly.

Yasuhiro Shiba

President - Shibata-Ya Group
Executive Director - Japan Sake Association
Chairman - Hanjoten Non-Profit Corporation
Chairman - Tai Yo No Kai


TAKEhiro Shiba

Senior Vice PresidentShibata-Ya Group
Executive Director - Japan Sake Association




Tomohiro Shiba

CEO - Shibata-Ya Italy
Director of Operations, Europe - Japan Sake Association



Tomo”hiro” Otsubo

Managing Director - Shibata-Ya Thailand
Director of Operations, Thailand - Japan Sake Association






Tak Tsubouchi

CEO - Shibata-Ya USA
Director of Operations, North America - Japan Sake Association

Sung Sik Kim

Shibata-Ya Korea



Joon Young Moon

Shibata-Ya Korea