Why does restaurants choose Shibata-Ya?

One word, "Dedication." Its dedication to the restaurant business has set Shibata-Ya aside from the others. Shibata-Ya's goal is to support restaurants succeed by providing exceptional service as a Sake distributor. We understand restaurant owners already have enough headaches and concerns. Shibata-ya is not only a liquor distribution company but also an information center, a consultant, and an educator. The followings are the 3 top reasons why restaurants choose Shibata-Ya.

1. Menu Consulting, Monthly Magazine

As a professional Sake wholesaler for over 80 years, Shibata-Ya offer the renowned sake menu consulting service. Premium Sake can be categorized into 8 categories, Junmai Dai Ginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Tokubetsu Junmai, Junmai, Dai Ginjo, Ginjo, Tokubetsu Hon Jozo, and Hon Jozo. Also there are different kinds of rice, koji, and brewing method using in the process which affects the taste, It can be too much for you to create a perfect sake portfolio if you are not an expert.

Leave it all to us and we will figure out a best sake portfolio for your business.
We also issue a original magazine called "Kodawari-Tsushin" (currently only in Japanese) every month to make sure our customers receive the updates of our product line and latest industrial news.

2. Educational Seminars

Shibata-Ya is an official partner of Japan Sake Association, which runs the International Sake Academy to educate Sake Experts. This Sake Academy is run by Sake professionals from well-known Sake journalists to actual Sake brewers. Compared to the traditional sake education programs, it is reasonably priced and mainly focuses on how to pair Sake with foods from a scientific perspective that restaurants can use their knowledge to satisfy their essential customers. 

Also, more than 20 Shibata-Ya employees are official Japanese Sommelier Association certified sommeliers. We have been offering wine sommelier exam-prep workshops for restaurant employees, and more than 120 people have passed the exam after taking our course. 

3. Year-around Tasting Service

In some regions, Shibata-Ya offers a year-around tasting at its TastingBars and in special monthly events. You can try different kinds of Sake with Sake Expert's explanation. This makes it incredibly efficient and a lot easier for the restaurant owners and managers to decide which Sake they want to add to their menu.